Class, Tues, 2/10/2015


  • About E110 and This Section
  • Quick Write: Tell a story about a good experience you’ve had with writing in school—a moment when you learned something useful or felt successful or had some fun. Don’t simply offer the lesson or moral of your tale. Describe what actually happened. Set the scene, describe the people involved, show how events unfolded. Try to tell your story in a way that lets your readers understand your point without needing you to explain it to them. I will ask you to read your story aloud as away of introducing yourself, and to hand it in at the end of class as your exit ticket.

Some Practical Matters

  • Food and drink
  • Electronic devices
  • Punctuality and deadlines

To Do

  1. Thurs, 2/12, class: Read Chapter 1 of A Room of One’s Own (5–26). Mark any passages that strike you as either interesting or puzzling.
  2. Thurs, 2/12, class: Review the course materials on this website. Jot down two or three questions you’d like to ask me.
  3. Thurs, 2/12, class: Create an account at Remember the email address you use to sign in.

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