Class, Tues, 4/07/2015


In How to Do Things With Words (1975), J. L. Austin defines a performative statement as one that occurs when “The uttering of a sentence is, or is part of, an action” (5)—that is, when you you do something by saying it. For example, I do, I promise, I apologize.

  • In groups: List as many other performatives as you can. Try for at least ten.
  • Quick Write: Summarize your first essay, using at least three of the “expositive” verbs that Austin lists near the end of How to Do Things (167–68).

Moves/Performatives in Rewriting

Fleeber on Fleeber

  • Coming to Terms
  • Forwarding
  • Countering
  • Taking an Approach


To Do

  1. Thurs, 4/09, class: Read Chapter 1 of  Rewriting (13–33). Be ready to write a ¶ coming to terms with the primary text you will discuss in Essay Two.
  2. Mon, 4/13, 11:00 am: Post your proposal for Essay Two to your Dropbox folder.

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