Class, Tues, 5/05/2015

Titles [pdf]

  • Straightforward
  • Allusive
  • Doubled

Using the M-Dash [pdf]

  • Series
  • Parenthesis
  • Afterthought
  • Emphasis

To Do

  1. Tues, 5/05, 10:30–12:00, and 3:00–4:00: Optional conferences with me.
  2. Wed, 5/06, 1:00–3:00: Optional conferences with me.
  3. Thurs, 5/07, class: Come to class with a print copy of the current version of your second essay. We will work closely with them.
  4. Mon, 5/11, 11:00: Submit e2d3 to Dropbox.
  5. Tues, 5/12, class: Last class! Sum up, reflections, etc.

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