You’ll find that almost all of our class meetings will have us working with texts on the table—Woolf, Rewriting, or pieces that you and your classmates have written. There will be few lectures, few discussions that are not rooted in specific moments in a book or paper. So please come to class each day with the texts scheduled to be discussed.

I like to get started on time, so please be ready to work at 12:30. If we run out of things to do before time is up, we will break early. I will run class meetings according to Google rules, which is to say that all devices—laptops, tablets, phones—must be turned off. Bring a pen and notebook instead.

I will use exit tickets to keep track of attendance.  An exit ticket is a brief piece of writing you turn in  at the end of each class. It tells me not only that you were there but that you were working. On occasion this ticket will be a quiz on the reading for the day. I’ll hand back exit tickets at the start of each class. Keep them in a folder, along with the other work you do for this course.

My office hours are from 1:00–3:00 on Wednesdays and 2:00–4:00 on Thursdays. I’m eager to talk with you; please don’t hesitate to make an appointment. You can also reach me through email ( or twitter (@joeharris_ud). I tweet mainly to link to readings about writing and teaching that strike me as interesting, but I will also  post announcements about our class as needed.


UD | Spring 2015 | #060 Tues/Thurs, 12:30-1:45 Purnell 329