Your Work

This is a course that rewards steady and thoughtful work. It is not the sort of course that asks you to compile a massive paper at the end of term, or to cram frantically for midterm or final exams. But neither is it the kind of course in which you can hope to skip class and get the notes, or miss a few readings or assignments, and still try to keep up. You need to be here—reading done, writing done, ready to work—for each class.

Here’s what I expect from you:

  • Attend all class meetings, workshops, and conferences. Be ready to work and participate.
  • Complete all assigned readings and in-class writing exercises.
  • Turn in all drafts, revisions, and process assignments on time.

See Grades for details on how I will keep track of your writing and attendance. Since many of our classes will focus on the writing that you and your classmates are doing, I do not, as a rule, accept late work.


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