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Class, Thurs, 4/23

Moving from e2d1 to e2d2

Reread the ¶ you wrote for today in which you defined your own aim or project as a writer. Then:

  • Without consulting your current draft, outline a tentative “map” of  the next draft essay which executes the aim you’ve defined. For each planned section or ¶ of your second draft, note (a) the specific text, experience, or idea you will discuss, and (b) what you plan to do with it (e.g., “analyze as a counter-example”; “show how this scene illustrates a critic’s ideas”; “yes, but . . .”)
  • Once you have your map, read over your e2d1. Where might those ¶s fit into your current plan (or not)? What will you need to do to make them fit better?
  • Note down one question this exercise raises for you. Discuss your question with two other students. Give me a copy of your question as your exit ticket for today.


We need to form writing groups for next week. Let’s use the attached spreadsheet to figure out who can offer useful advice to whom.


To Do

  1. Tues, 4/28, class:  Bring a print copy of the most recent version of your second essay with you to class. We will work with them.
  2. Wed, 4/29: Post e2d2 to your group dropbox folder.
  3. Thurs, 4/30, class: Bring print-outs of our group members’ drafts with at least ten suggested changes marked on each. Bring a clean print-out of your own draft.