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Class, Tues, 2/24/2015

Quiz: A Room, Chapter 4


  • Alley Perez, “Permanence”
  • Maggie Heidepriem, “Beyond the Burqua”
  • Kalah Adams, untitled

In pairs: Where and how might the author usefully make her piece:

  • More like Woolf (adopt)?
  • Less like Woolf (adapt)?

Be ready to ground your advice in specific moments in the text.

Quick Write: Look back over your w1. Where and how might you usefully make your piece more or less like Woolf?

Moment of Zen

Clive Thompson does Virginia Woolf: Trailblazer

To Do

  1. Thurs, 2/26: Read Chapter 5 of A Room (58–78)Be ready to offer a kind of chapter-by-chapter map of of Woolf’s book. How do the five chapters you’ve read so far demostrate different ways of developing a “train of thought”?
  2. Mon, 3/02 11:00 am: Post w2 to Dropbox.