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Class, Thurs, 3/12

Turns in Summary (pdf)

Working With Woolf


The Bechdel Test


Chicago Style (pdf)


w4: Revising Plan

Thinking Towards e1d2

Review your w1, w2, or w3. Draw arrows showing where you’d like to add new text. Cross out sections you might want to cut. Mark passages you’d like to rework. Show your work to me as your exit ticket.

To Do

  1. Mon, 3/16, 11:00 am: Post e1d2 to your group folder on Dropbox.
  2. Tues, 3/17, class: Respond in writing to the drafts (e1d2s)  of your group members. Print those drafts out with your comments. Bring them with you to class.
  3. Fri, 3/20, 11:00 am: Email me your revising plan (w4).