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Class, Tues, 3/10

Defining a Project as a Writer

Please read the following w2 openings:

  • Sydney Dennis, “Fifty Shades of Controversy”
  • Sean Bates, “Talent vs. Skill”
  • Christina Capobianco, “Her Image”
  • Maya Hall, “A Trail With No End”
  • Lyndsay Lawler, “The Parasite of a Woman’s Mind”

Then jot down some notes that will help you respond to the following questions:

  • How does the writer define a question or issue they plan to explore in their essay? That is, what does it seem the essay will be about?
  • How does the writer suggest the approach or angle they will take on this topic? What sort of tone or perspective do they set?

To Do

  1. Wed, 3/11: 11:00 am: Post w3 to Dropbox.
  2. Thurs, 3/12, class: Bring a print copy of the piece (w1, w2, w3) you plan to develop into your first essay. We will work with these in class.
  3. Mon, 3/16, 11:00 am: Post e1d2 to your group folder on Dropbox.