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Class, Tues, 4/28

Design Elements [docx]

Line Editing

Exchange drafts with the person next to you. Read your partner’s draft closely, pen in hand, marking any work that needs to be done to the following:

  • First Page
    • Name
    • Course
    • Date
    • Assignment/Draft
  • Title
  • Running Head
    • Name
    • Short Title
    • Page Number
  • Paragraphs
    • Indents
    • Extra space
  • In-Text Citations
    • Underline names and titles in the text. Does it appear in the list of References? Check, both in the text and list, if it does. If not, mark boldly.
    • Direct quotations: Is there a page reference following? If not, mark boldly.
    • Block quotes {BLQ]: Quotations of more than a sentence or running more than two lines. Mark quotations that need to be blocked.
  • References

w5: Feedback and Revising Plan

To Do

  1. Wed, 4/29: Post e2d2 to your group dropbox folder.
  2. Thurs, 4/30, class: Bring print-outs of our group members’ drafts with at least ten suggested changes marked on each. Bring a clean print-out of your own draft.
  3. Fri, 5/01, 4:00 pm: Email me your revising plan (w5). I will reply by Mon, 5/04. I will also hold extended office hours on Tues, 5/05, and Wed, 5/06, if you’d like to talk more about your piece.
  4. Tues, 5/05, class: Bring a print copy of the current version of your second essay. We will work closely with these in class.