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Class, Thurs, 2/26/2015

Continue discussing w1 

  • In pairs: Where and how might Kalah usefully make her piece more like Woolf (adopt) or less like Woolf (adapt)?
  • My responses: to w1 and w2
  • Quick write: Look back over your w1. Considering our discussions in class and, if you’ve had chance to read them, my comments on your piece, which of the three tacks—develop, start over, rethink—do you now plan to take in writing w2?  What will be your topic and approach? What questions do you have for me? I will ask you to hand this in at the end of class as your exit ticket.

Woolf, Chapters 1–5

In groups of three: Compose a brief outline of the first five chapters of A Room. Have some notes on each chapter in each of these categories: events, ideas, method of investigation. Then list two or three keywords or phrases for each chapter. What sort of “train of thought” do you see Woolf as developing over the course of the book/essay as a whole?

Moment of Zenstewie-and-brian-11646-400x250

Stewie on Brian’s Novel, from Family Guy.

To Do

  1. Mon, 3/02 11:00 am: Post w2 to Dropbox.
  2. Tues, 3/03, class: Finish A Room of One’s Own. Be ready to point to at least one passage we have not yet discussed in class that you think offers a useful way into writing your first essay for this course.