Your task here is to write a first, preliminary draft of e1—an essay “in the spirit of Virginia Woolf”.

Before you begin writing, you’ll need to identify two things: (1) a topic, a question or problem or issue that you want to write about, and (2) an approach, something you’ve noticed that Woolf does as a writer that you’d like to imitate or adapt in your own writing.

I’m asking you to write this first piece when you have only read about half of A Room of One’s Own. You’ll have the chance to work with other parts of the book in w2 and w3.

Aim for a draft of1,000 words or so. (The final version of your first essay should run about 1,500 words.)  Your focus for now should be on making a productive use of Woolf, on using her approach to generate some interesting writing of your own. You’ll have three opportunities (w1, w2, w3) to write this sort of preliminary draft, so take some chances, experiment, see what might work. You can decide in the next few weeks what to keep, what to cut, and what to develop.

Even still, be professional. Think of a good title for your essay. Document your sources. Edit your prose for clarity and proofread it for correctness. Put your name, date, and assignment (w1) on your first page. Have a running header that numbers the following pages.

Finally, I’d like you to add a brief note to your essay in which you discuss how you are using Woolf as a model for your own writing. Think in terms of adopting and adapting. What aspects of Woolf’s writing did you try to imitate or adopt? What did you need to change to adapt?

Use the following formula to name your document: “Lastname w1.docx”. Post your work to your Dropbox folder by 11:00 am on Monday, 2/23. Good luck!





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