You’ll recall that I identified three possible approaches to writing w2: Develop, start over, rethink. I’d like to take the last one of those—rethinking—off the table for w3. I want you to use this writing to develop some new material, some new prose.

A full, polished  draft of your first essay (e1) is due the week after next, on Mon, 3/16. I’d like you to have more material to work with than you absolutely need when it comes time to out together that draft—so you can focus on shaping and refining what you have to say, rather than still trying to come up with something to say.

Which is why I want you to try to come up with some new material now, in w3. The technical requirements remain the same as before: Write at least 1,000 new words; draw on Woolf in some way as a model for your writing; write a brief note showing how you’ve adopted and adapted her work. If you want to build on some of the writing you’ve done for w1 or w2, that’s fine. It’s your work. But I’d like you to concentrate on creating new prose, on adding to what you’ve written (or on just trying something new).

Finally, pay attention to the details. Have a good title. Make sure you have a header. Document your sources. Proofread. Carefully. My standards will be more exacting for this piece.

Title your document: “Lastname w3.docx”. Post it to your shared Dropbox folder by 11:00 am on Wed, 3/11. (Since the university was closed due to snow on Thurs, 3/05, I’m pushing the deadline back a few days so that we have the chance to talk about your w2s in class before you need to submit w3.)


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