On Monday, 4/20, you are required to post your first draft of essay two to Dropbox. I’d like you to think of your task, at this point, as writing the body of your essay. That is, I’d like you to quote several key passages from your primary text and to show why you find them interesting or important. I also want you to draw on several secondary texts in interpreting and analyzing those passages. In doing this, I want you to identify the  heart of your argument—the questions you want to take on and the scenes or passages that you want to discuss.

What you don’t have to do, yet, in this draft, is to worry about the frame of your essay. You don’t need to summarize your primary text; you don’t need to have a polished introduction or conclusion. You just need to identify those parts of your primary text that most interest you, and to show how some other readers help you understand that text.

I’m going to cancel class on Tues, 4/21, so I can instead meet individually with each of you on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week . Come to our conference with a print-out of your essay that you’ve highlighted with questions and ideas. Be ready to talk about your plans and questions for developing your piece. I’ll have read your writing and have some ideas of my own about where to take your work. But I’ll begin by asking what your plans and concerns are.

Good luck! I’m eager to see what you write.


  1. Mon, 4/20, 11:00 am: Post e2d1 to Dropbox.
  2. Tues, 4/21, or Wed, 4/22: Meet with me in a one-to-one conference to talk about your draft.

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