On Wednesday, 4/29, you are required to post e2d2 to your group Dropbox folder. This second draft will be the first full version of your essay—from title and intro to references. I’ll expect you to submit a carefully composed and proofread piece—even if it is one still open to revision and development.

I will ask you to read and write some advice toward revision on three of your classmates e2d2s. They will also read and write comments on your draft.  We will then spend much of our class on Thursday, 4/30, sharing and discussing those responses.  Your next task will be to compose a revising plan and email it to me the next day (Friday, 5/01).  Your comments and plan will together count as w5.

I will respond to your revising plan by email by Monday, 5/04. I will also be happy to talk more with you about your piece during that week. You should post the final version of your essay (e2d3) to Dropbox on Monday, 5/11.

Good luck! I look forward to reading your essay!


  1. Wed, 4/29, 11:00 am: Post e2d2 to your group Dropbox folder.
  2. Thurs, 4/30, class: Print out and write responses to your group members’ essays. Bring these written comments with you to class, along with a clean copy of your own e2d2.
  3. Fri,, 5/01, 11:00 am: Email your revising plan to me. (Along with your written comments this will count as w5.)
  4. Week of 5/04—5/07:  If you wish, arrange a one-to-one conference to talk with me about your plans for e2d3.
  5. Mon, 5/11, 11:00 am: Post the final version of your second essay (e2d3) to Dropbox.

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