Please write a brief comment on each of the drafts written by your group members. As before, follow the guidelines for responding—with this one change:

Rather than using Insert Comments to ask two or three questions in the margins, I would like you to use Track Changes to suggest at least ten additions, cuts, or changes to the writer’s text. You might correct typos or misspellings, fix punctuation, reformat citations, add clarifying phrases, delete unneeded words, or make any other kinds of local edits. Whatever changes you suggest, make sure they are clearly marked in the author’s text. Print out a copy of each draft with your suggested changes and bring them with you to class on Thurs, 4/30.  Also bring a clean print copy of your own draft.

Revising Plan

Based on the feedback you’ve received to your e2d2, please sketch out a plan for revising your essay. This revising plan should include:

  • Summary: Please offer a  brief description of your essay and the advice your readers have offered you about it. What do they describe as the strengths of your piece? What would they like to hear more about? What do they feel you could lose? What parts did they suggest you rework or rephrase? Please make sure to identify which readers offered what advice.
  • Add/Cut/Change: Where do you now plan to add to your essay? Be as precise and detailed as you can. For instance, “I need to write a new second paragraph in which I offer a map of my essay” is much more helpful than “I need to work on my introduction.” What sections of your draft are you thinking about cutting? What sections do you need to rework or rewrite? Again, be specific. The rule is that you must identify at least one section in your piece that you plan to add to or develop, one you plan to delete, and one that you plan to significantly revise.
  • Questions: How else can I help?  If you ask specific questions, I’ll try to offer you concrete advice.

Pleas email me your revising plan by 4:00 pm on  Fri, 5/01. I will email you back by Mon, 5/04. I will also hold extended office hours on Tues, 5/05, and Wed, 5/06.  You are not required to come see me, but I will be happy to talk with you about your work. The final version of your essay is due on Mon, 5/11, at 11:00 am.


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