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Class, Thurs, 2/12/2015

Woolf, A Room of One’s Own, Chapter 1

  • Quiz: Chapter 1 follows a day in the life of “Mary Beton.” Briefly describe the highlights of that day.
  • Reread Woolf’s first paragraph (5-6).
    • What strikes you as unusual about this ¶? In groups of three: Jot down a list at five or more items.
    • If this is an introduction, what does it introduce? How does Woolf establish a sense of direction or purpose for her writing? What promises does she make to her readers?


Moment of Zen

The president speaks.

To Do

  1. Tues, 2/17, class: Reread Woolf, Chapter 1  (5–26). Read Chapter 2 (27–42). Mark any passages that strike you as either interesting or puzzling. Be ready to answer these questions for both chapters: What kinds of materials does Woolf look at? What kinds of questions does she ask about those materials?
  2. Thurs, 2/19, class: Read  Woolf, Chapter 3 (43–58).
  3. Mon, 2/23, 11:00 am: Post w1 to Dropbox.