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Class, Tues, 3/03


Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

  • Point to a surprise in Chapters 4-6 of A Room. What does Woolf say that you couldn’t have predicted at the start?
  • How does Woolf connect one chapter to the next?
  • How does Woolf develop her “train of thought”? What grows or changes in her thinking as she moves through her book?

Moment(s) of Zen

The Four Marys

To Do

  1. Thurs, 3/05, class: Please read the five introductions to w2 posted in Handouts. Bring a print copy with you. Be ready to answer the following two questions about each: (a) How does the writer define a question or issue to explore? (b) How does the writer hint at the perspective they will take on that issue?
  2. Thurs, 3/05, class: Print out a copy of your own w2 and bring it with you to class.
  3. Mon, 3/09, 11:00 am: Post w3 to Dropbox.

Class, Thurs, 2/12/2015

Woolf, A Room of One’s Own, Chapter 1

  • Quiz: Chapter 1 follows a day in the life of “Mary Beton.” Briefly describe the highlights of that day.
  • Reread Woolf’s first paragraph (5-6).
    • What strikes you as unusual about this ¶? In groups of three: Jot down a list at five or more items.
    • If this is an introduction, what does it introduce? How does Woolf establish a sense of direction or purpose for her writing? What promises does she make to her readers?


Moment of Zen

The president speaks.

To Do

  1. Tues, 2/17, class: Reread Woolf, Chapter 1  (5–26). Read Chapter 2 (27–42). Mark any passages that strike you as either interesting or puzzling. Be ready to answer these questions for both chapters: What kinds of materials does Woolf look at? What kinds of questions does she ask about those materials?
  2. Thurs, 2/19, class: Read  Woolf, Chapter 3 (43–58).
  3. Mon, 2/23, 11:00 am: Post w1 to Dropbox.